Products painted at STM JSC. include:

  • Cars and motorcycles: handlebar, bonnet, body, calandre, face cover,...
  • Household appliances: washing machine door, surface of water heater.
  • Smart devices: surface of cooker hood, hand dryer.
  • Other products

The products are painted according to a standard procedure below:

  • Mass production is implemented according to the standard 15-step process: from sample testing, surface handling, painting,..., packaging, and delivery.
  • Critical issues (such as materials, people, machinery, production methods) which can affect the product quality will be recorded and documented into standards.
  • Consistent standard procedure with customers is consistently applied.

The increase of the Product value for the Customers

  • All employees of STM JSC. desire to serve the customers, and bring quality and reliable products to the Customers;
  • With our existing experience and database of quality risks, we will contribute to shortening the testing time and quickly entering the mass production stage.


Our painting products