Products painted at STM JSC. include:

With many years of experience in continuous development, continuously improving operations, conducting accurate painting, varying customer requirements The purpose of creating rich features for products such as color adjustment color, anti-fingerprint increased, surface protection, increased aesthetics techniques, durability, ... In addition, meeting paint on many types of products from large sizes to small sizes.

  • Cars and motorcycles: handlebar, bonnet, body, calandre, face cover,...
  • Household appliances: washing machine door, surface of water heater.
  • Smart devices: surface of cooker hood, hand dryer.
  • Other products

The products are painted according to a standard procedure below:

  • Mass-produced products are made according to a standard 12-step process.
  • Material issues affecting product quality are 4M, including: materials, people, machinery and equipment, production methods will be recorded and documented into standards. All 4M conditions are controlled according to ISO 9001 process.
  • Consistent standard procedure with customers is consistently applied.

The increase of the Product value for the Customers

  • All employees of STM JSC. desire to serve the customers, and bring quality and reliable products to the Customers;
  • With our existing experience and database of quality risks, we will contribute to shortening the testing time and quickly entering the mass production stage.


Our painting products