About us




- STM JSC. specializes in painting on automotive, motorbike products; household appliances; smart devices and other products.

- The factory is located in Tan Quang Industrial Park, Van Lam, Hung Yen.

- The company has always focused on building and developing a dedicated and professional team of leaders and staffs with the management system meeting the international standards ISO 9000/14000, TS 16949.

- Our main customers are Piaggio, Daiwa (Honda, Toa), HPC (Honda, PVN), Panasonic, LG, YADEA, ...




Development Journey

hành trình phát triển


  • 2004: STM JSC., which was founded on November 29, specialized in producing Danpla plastic containers.

  • 2008: The company expanded its production of shaped plastic trays and paint tanks.

  • 2009: The company produced the closed water wash paint booths; drying conveyors, drying cabinets.

  • 2013: The company produced the closed paint line.

  • 2015: The company painted 5 plastic parts of motorcycle Piaggio Medley.

  • 2017: The company painted the plastic parts of motorcycles Honda Lead and Honda New PCX.

  • 2018: The company painted the plastic parts of motorcycle Honda SH.

  • 2019: The company has painted the plastic parts of motorcycle Piaggio Liberty.

  • 2020: Signing an official contract and painting components for  Panasonic Appliances.: .

  • 2022:  After 2 years of Covid-19, maintaining stable production to meet the needs of other goods. Sign an official contract and paint parts for  Dong Yang.
  • 2023:  Officially participating in the supply chain for electric vehicles and signing a contract to paint spare parts for YADEA.

Vision & Mission


 STM JSC. is an enterprise which is absolutely trusted by the customers as well as highly appreciated by the society!

  • For the Customers:
    • Creating the trust of the customers
    • Creating and providing the appropriate and useful products to the customers
  • For the Employees:
    • Establishing a safe working environment
    • Concerning People and Nature
    • Building a fair, friendly, responsible and creative working environment
  • For the Community: Creating social value through
    • Complying with laws and social rules
    • Respecting the intellectual property rights
    • Being a good citizen, actively contributing to build and develope the local community and society.



The paint products at STM Factory have been present in many countries around the world: USA, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Japan.